Anesthesiologist and inventor Dr. Scott Augustine founded ABD in 2005.


Augustine Biomedical + Design's purpose is to utilize our team’s creative spirit and expertise navigating the product development process to innovate and commercialize patented solutions to real problems. 

Products developed by our core team have generated nearly $1B in shareholder value, while benefiting hundreds of millions of patients worldwide.

ABD is a family-owned and operated limited liability company located in Eden Prairie, MN.





Build it, test it; build it, test. That is our philosophy for innovation and it has resulted in over 170 patents for our team. Understanding the needs of our customers and creating solutions that make their lives easier is our driving objective.

In the medical field, our focus is on products that solve safety issues for patients.  Saving lives and improving outcomes motivates our being.  All of the products we develop for the healthcare industry aim to be safer, more effective, and more cost efficient solutions.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." -Steve Jobs





Our team at ABD is committed to excellence and committed to meeting our customers’ needs. We embrace creativity and hard work, and we’re not afraid to be a little different. We have an exceptional prototyping team that is able to build it, test it, build it, test it… with unprecedented speed, until we get it right. Our innovation has resulted in over 170 patents.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.

Quality Policy:  Augustine Biomedical + Design LLC is committed to product development and commercialization of innovative products or ideas that are practical solutions for problems in the medical and consumer markets.